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The vertical integration helped them to shorten turnaround time and achieve the greater flexibility, reducing stock risk and get greatest profit. Due to the unwavering focus on the customer, the entire business model is designed in such a way that the pattern of needs for the finished goods dictate the terms of the production process to follow, instead of having the raw materials determine the nature of the production process — something that is very rare in multinational companies of similar scale.

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Each of them has its own designing line. In reality, Zara is also helping in giving birth to new trends through its stores or even helping in extending the longevity of some seasonal styles by offering affordable lines.

In Europe, the brand will be cutting the number of locations the next year. Its videos on YouTube are also seeing very low viewership in comparison with its follower count, which is not ideal as videos are a powerful medium for brands in the fashion industry.

If clothing is not selling in a particular store, it can quickly adapt. In comparison to other retailers, most of Zaras suppliers are local European establishments.

New fashions are then produced in relatively small batches, so flops can be disregarded after their first appearance and hits can be followed quickly by similar incarnations. While many retailers try to forecast what customers might buy months in the future, Zara moves in step with its customers and offers them what they want to buy at a given point in time.

As a fast fashion retailer, Zara is definitely aware of the power of e-commerce and has built up a successful online presence and high quality customer experience. The design and product development teams, who are based in Spain, work closely to produce 1, new styles every month.

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It enabled the company to establish a business model that allows self-containment throughout the stages of materials, manufacture, product completion and distribution to stores worldwide within just a few days. Today, there is hardly a developed country without a Zara store. Stradivarius: Casual and feminine clothes for young women acquired in Again in its home market, it now faces increasing competition from brands like Mango, which cut prices and started focusing on fashion segments in which Zara enjoyed popularity. The company also states factories responsible for unauthorized outsourcing have been asked to regularize immediately the situation of the workers involved. Free pick-up from the stores is available and so is paid delivery. Price is not an advantage anymore: Offering the latest fashion lines at affordable prices continues to be a strategic advantage for Zara, but cannot continue to be the only one. It also eliminates the need for warehouses and helps reduce the impact of demand fluctuations. More styles: Rather than producing more quantities per style, Zara produces more styles, roughly 12, a year.

I was in some senses late to the game but they wanted to ensure a strong online demand before initializing it.

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