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Grammarly is editing software including a browser applet you can install to check your writing for grammatical errors anywhere online. Writers in the Storm This is a unique writing blog that focuses on inspiration and motivation.

Romance Divas is an award-winning blog about writing romance.

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From brainstorming through publication, writers of all genres can rely on these twenty-two websites to help navigate the writing process and make their work shine like gold. Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror SFWA is the site for the Science Fiction Writers of America, but even for writers outside of the United States, the site itself has a number of excellent resources for novelists interested in working in this genre.

In these archives, she shares insider information about the publishing industry that she thinks will be helpful to new and aspiring authors. Guide to Grammar and Writing is a free compendium of clear explanations of terms in grammar and writing such as adjectives, adverbs and prepositionsas well as guides to more complex grammar topics such as sentence combining skills.

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What are you waiting for? Although it is paid software, there is a day trial. You can search for names by origin, meaning, number of syllables and more.

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Google : From general research to browsing news articles, from reading classic novels to drafting and storing your files online with Google Documents and Gmail, Google truly helps do it all. Litreactor offers online classes, essays on craft and more. Jungle Red Writers is a blog for mystery writers and readers by seven women crime writers. Romance Divas is an award-winning blog about writing romance. Scribendi's got a writer's toolbox fully stocked for you right here! Locus is the trade news magazine of the science fiction and fantasy publishing world. Check out Hemingway Editor here. Fictionaut is a blog with writing advice, interviews and more focused on literary fiction. NaNoWriMo The National Novel Writing Month blog provides inspirational posts year round for when you're stuck with writer's block, and offers guidelines on everything from the publishing process to finding feedback. Reference : One-stop shopping for an online dictionary, thesaurus, reverse dictionary, and translator. Get started! ProWritingAid runs a great blog with tips on writing, editing and more.

Romance Junkies is a huge site that includes reviews, interviews, contests, articles on the craft of writing and more.

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Websites for Writers: 20 Sites with Great Writing Advice