Writing a research paper notes graphic organizer

The final paper will be more interesting if it explores different perspectives.

writing a research paper notes graphic organizer

Save the KWL chart for use at the end of the lesson. Use the Example Research Paper Scaffold to illustrate how to fill in the first and last lines of the Literature Review entry, which represent topic and concluding sentences.

Research paper note taking template

In many cases the full text of the articles is available only through subscription to a scholarly database. What is the history of cheerleading? Checking Literature Review entries on the same day is best practice, as it gives both you and the student time to plan and address any problems before proceeding. What can be done to protect bats? A good literature review should be a way of opening doors to new ideas, not simply a search for the data that supports a preconceived notion. Open-ended questions can be solved in more than one way and, depending upon interpretation, often have more than one correct answer, such as the question, Can virtue be taught? Note that in the finished product this literature review section will be about six paragraphs, so students need to gather enough facts to fit this format. If you would like to teach students to write a well-constructed single paragraph, I love using this printable with my class. Brainstorm a list of questions students Want to know about bats and write them in the W column.

Students can also complete their research as homework. Note that a good question always leads to more questions. Teacher confession: the third choice I have them write down is just to make them feel good that they got their first or second choice!

Research paper graphic organizer

After approximately three weeks from start to finish, the students have a finished report they can proudly share with classmates and parents! Step 7: Publish! See the sheet below for the checklist my students use as they publish their reports. Brainstorm a list of questions students Want to know about bats and write them in the W column. We focus on earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornados, blizzards, and wildfires. Objectives select a topic for research. Tip: no matter what nonfiction topic you choose to focus on, StudyJams! Remind students that their research question can provide the keywords for a targeted Internet search. In what countries can bats be found? Each student receives a new graphic organizer which we first discuss, page-by-page, as a whole class. How does color affect mood?

What can be done to protect bats? Check that students have correctly identified and marked relevant information before allowing them to proceed to the Literature Review section on the Research Paper Scaffold.

Step 1: Choose a High-Interest Topic and Build Background One of the most important things I do to prepare for this project is introduce nonfiction text that is high interest.

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