Write an article on corruption in nigeria society

types of corruption in nigeria

Rivas [ 21 ] also affirms this in his research and notes that, according to the results of the survey, the conclusion could be that women are less corrupt than men and that the increase in the number of women on the labor market and in politics would help fight corruption.

However, as there is no general and unmistakable way of preventing the tyranny or corruptions of the heavyweights, the price of freedom is eternal alertness [ 37 ].

Therefore, due to lack of professional ethics in some countries that otherwise manage illegal corruption well, there is nevertheless a widespread form of legal corruption. Old networks persisted in new contexts, creating informal or hidden patronage-client systems that were still important to the exercise of political power and formal state institutions.

Corruption can reduce tax revenues by compromising the ability of the state administration to collect taxes and fees, although the net effect depends on how the nominal tax and other regulatory burdens were selected by the officials, exposed to corruption.

Corruption also generates a lack of transparency and a lack of control by supervisory institutions.

write an article on corruption in nigeria society

The interesting question is not so much why is the degree of corruption in poor countries higher than in the rich ones, but rather why the nature of corruption differs between countries.

Greediness, ambition, rapacity and immorality have been known to the human society ever since the emergence of civilization and use every tool available to them: kinship, common past, school contacts, common interests, friendship and, of course, political as well as religious ties.

The lower the country is ranked, the more dominant is the patriarchal society. The case of India shows how corruption is changing, getting new dimensions, not only in scope, but also in methods.

Somalia and North Korea hold that distinction, according to Transparency International.

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Nigeria as a country, is the eight largest oil exporting country in the world and its oil reserves are estimated over trillion cubic feet Usman,

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Corruption In Nigeria Essay