Using the home tab

I will highlight the text, click on the line spacing command and then choose 1. We can make it bold, italic and underline.

different tabs in microsoft word

Orientation — use this command to rotate selected text to a diagonal or vertical angle orientation. Font Size — this command is for changing the font size.

Increase Decimal - Adds one decimal place to the current selection.

home tab in ms word 2013

Note, the Windows System Clipboard holds the last item cut or copied. Now I am ready to experiment with conditional formatting.

Home tab in ms word 2007 pdf

This is displayed below. Font Dialog Launcher — use this to show the font tab of the format cells dialog box. The drop-down contains the commands: Underline and Double Underline. I will select my mouse and then click on Insert Sheet Rows. Right next to it you will see some other gallery styles, including Heading 5, Strong, Subtitle etc. First you need to select your text, apply the necessary formatting and then double click on the format painter command. My resume is looking quite good now as opposed to the plain one that I started with. Because of the importance of Styles to using Word effectively, it devotes a great deal of space to Styles. Open drop down button for more currencies. Decreases the indent by 1 or removes the indent completely. After I used this option, I was able to get back to my original plain resume. Provides a list of all the available fonts based on your current printer selection. Notice that it spreads across three columns. Up to speed with Word Menu. I can do just that by using the color palette options under the font group.

Notice that now the employer info. This will affect the horizontal alignment and position all the scores in the center as shown below. As I scroll down my resume, I would like to align all the employers along the right margin.

Using the home tab

Conversely if you want to use descending order, you can sort from largest to smallestr.

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