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The coastline of Finland, some 2, miles 4, km in length, is extremely indented and dotted with thousands of islands.

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His bones were later wrapped in white cloth, tied with blue string, and laid to rest in a church in south-west Finland. Count Per Brahe, a legendary figure of the local Swedish administration, travelled around the country at this time and founded many towns.

The absolute monarchy ended in Sweden.

Finland history and culture

In , the law of Moses was declared the law of the land, in addition to secular legislation. He succeeded in conquering Hame and built a castle at Hameenlinna. It is also worth remembering that Finland had had to endure the plague just as the Great Northern War began, with Helsinki alone seeing two-thirds of its population die in alone. In a referendum held in Finland in October , 57 percent of the voters supported membership, and in November Parliament approved Finnish EU membership as of the beginning of by a vote of Swedish troops then abandoned Finland and left to their own devices the Finns made peace with the Tsar. Many Finns are still bitter about the loss of these territories. The peasants were not passive; they were proud of their traditions and would band together and fight to uphold their traditional rights in the face of burdensome taxes from the king or new demands by the landowning nobility. The new king was not a particularly talented ruler; at least not talented enough to steer his kingdom through the dangerous era of the French Revolution and Napoleonic wars. Owing to a misunderstanding, the boat also came with hundreds of gallons of wine. According to an eerie folktale, only a girl and a monk survived. In researchers at the Gallup World Poll attempted to discover the countries where people were happiest, and surveyed thousands of respondents in countries over a four year period. Many artists, notably the composer Jean Sibelius, were inspired by this oppression, which made Finns emotionally ripe for independence. However, at the end of the century Finland recovered.

The Empire had a colony in the New World in the modern-day Delaware-Pennsylvania area between — Swedish crusaders manned Finnish fortresses to repel Russian attacks and protect its Christianisation efforts from Orthodox influence.

Finally in a native Finn was made bishop of Turku. However, the British still had access to Swedish ports and continued to trade with continental Europe via Sweden.

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He abdicated in March They made it to the coast of Finland, but had to blow the ship up when the Russian navy arrived. InDenmark and Muscovy became allies with the aim of engaging Sweden in war on two fronts, and two years later Finland was invaded by Muscovite forces.

Unfortunately, as these baby-boomers entered the workplace jobs were not generated quickly enough and hundreds of thousands of Finns were forced to emigrate to their more industrialised neighbour, Sweden, with emigration peaking in and

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10 strange historical facts about Finland