The 7 golden rules of fitness

No pain, no gain!

10 rules to fitness

Crash diets tend only to lead to a loss of muscle and are, by definition, temporary. When a chair is overloaded it breaks. This allows more muscle fibre to be stimulated and damaged, meaning greater muscle growth. What does draw attention is terrible lifting technique. Train Your Glutes — OK, so you read the point above and started training your legs right? It's a very powerful technique that has worked for many of the world's best bodybuilders — and, because it's all in your head, no one has to know what you're thinking. It's guaranteed that your motivation will lag occasionally, but seeing your progress written down—and how far you've come—will remind you why you started in the first place. Eat regularly This will help you from getting hungry and overindulging at the next meal.

But are you really training your whole leg? How long will it take?

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If you're new to fitness, try different classes or activities until you find what really lights you up. It also delivers a huge insulin spike after training, kick-starting the recovery process right when you need it.

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This will be different for each person, so don't be afraid to experiment. You must, however, progressively overload your body in order to ensure progress continues. Without this you will waste time and possibly select the wrong exercises. At the end, it is equally important that you stretch to cool down. If you lift 50 lb twice a week for two weeks and you feel ready for more, increasing by 2. You must consume more calories than you burn, but you must be careful not to go overboard to avoid fat gain. When you get struck down, rest up, recover, and when you feel like you can train again, return with vigour. I liken this to walking into a party, nightclub or any social situation, if you are with a friend or group it takes the focus off yourself and you instantly feel more comfortable about your situation. You may have outgrown it. Feeling good in your gym kit adds motivation and makes you feel that all the effort you are putting in is worthwhile.

It is also important to get enough recovery. Get Over Setbacks Quickly — We all experience setbacks in life. Use weighted lunges, deadlifts and hip extensions to develop the perfect man butt.

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Increase calories To bulk up, you need to up your calorie intake.

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Golden Rules of Fitness