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Honors concentrators must present a minimum of sixteen half-courses in the concentration. Grading is based on the system below.

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And now, I have to consider how issues of poverty, local economics, and sociology can help us build affordable housing and resident services programs that work to help people in my hometown. In retrospect, my realisation after Cambridge was similar to my realisation after Harvard: to be effective as a professional in this field, I would need to better my understanding of how the private sector operates.

Whether any particular student falling into this numerical range receives highest honors in history will be determined in part by the performance on the oral examination.

Other information: Same as Basic Requirements.

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Students interested in commercializing ideas in their theses may wish to consult Executive Dean Fawwaz Habbal about patent protection. Before my election, I worked in renewable energy and economic development.

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See the page on CS Research for Undergrads. For off-cycle students, the same timeline applies, but offset by one semester.

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Audience members also learn from these dedicated and talented young scholars even as they teach them new ways of conceiving and pursuing their projects. All students who may be eligible for a recommendation of highest honors will then be given an oral examination by the Board of Examiners; performance on this exam will be considered in determining the final recommendation. The role of the faculty adviser in special concentrations is crucial. This came from a lifelong interest in reading and writing dark, spiritually-challenging fiction: horror, noir, gothic, sci-fi, and transgressive fiction, among other genres. All Special Concentrators, both honors and non-honors candidates, must take a three-hour written, or one-hour oral general examination please see section on "General Examination. The Director of Studies also maintains a current list of concentrators with the titles of their programs and the address and name of their faculty advisers. The final thesis grade is the average of the two readers' grades. Though scraping by has been difficult and uncertain at times, I am doing the kind of work I love and have always wanted to do, and plan to continue doing no matter what. Plans of Study for the individual concentrations are unique, but all are interdisciplinary. I found my answers in the years of exploration and work after college, but the time I spent as a student provided a crucial early basis for thinking about and understanding biotechnology.
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