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However, since the company has the advantage of making and keeping leadership in the technology world, earning the high returns was possible during the initial stages of the Galaxy S2 to recover its initial investment. Lee expanded and it had acquired confectionery machines, increased its sales operations and as we have known at present it has become a global corporation that is now offering various brands, products, around the world. A company is its people according to this company. Product Mix Samsung IS AN electronic appliances unit deals with mobile phones, tablet, televisions, audio video camera, camcorder, home appliances among others. A product of that much scale and scope and with so many new features has to go through critical runs and test marketing. The advertisement for Samsung Galaxy S2 has done exceptionally well. The fastest network speed currently available is 4G, so naturally, the brand comes ready to jump right on board and make the most of advantage the network can offer. The downloaded or transferred ringtones fail in most cases. So far Samsung has used these resources very effectively. As the Samsung Group grew, new business sectors and divisions were being incorporated under the Samsung name. In my opinion this was a smart move of Samsung, as social media is an important way of marketing nowadays and most companies fail to use its opportunities. The phones rate sensible strategy to communicate oneself is a tremendous enhancement.

It has the best viewed experience, outstanding power and performance and futuristic user interface. The aim of price skimming strategy was to capture the consumer surplus.

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The company has some of the most loyal employees around and many work every day — that means no holiday time off or weekends — both because they want to and it is expected. For example, Samsung produces camera's, but so does Canon. In , Samsung Electronics was born. Galaxy S2 designed for professionals and gadget freaks who love a feature packed cutting edge phone with unparalleled performance, and S2 has successfully captured that market. This low ratio that Samsung has means that they have approximately 2 times more equity than debts, which is very positive. Samsung Electronics was established in Taegu, Korea in This because Samsung wants its consumers to trust the brand and become regular clients. Adopting a new form of management proved to be a wise move for the company as its products made their way on the list of top must-haves in their various fields. Samsung's website shows that they have a more adult and business like target group. Adopting a new form of management proved to be a wise move for the company as its products made their way on the list of top must-haves in their various fields. In with the death of Lee Byung-chull, the Samsung group was separated into four business groups leaving the Samsung Group with electronics, engineering, construction, and most high-tech products. From this product, Samsung Electronics developed a different line of consumer electronics that is first sold domestically, and later began exporting.

Order now They sold businesses to relieve debt and cut employees down lowering personnel by 50, Recently, Samsung became dedicated to the 4G industry.

The main outstanding attribute about this brand would be the 8 megapixel resolution camera that is able of recording videos in entire high definition mode at p. This is far above 1, so when it comes to liquidity Samsung's is more than fully covered.

Every company has different strategy. It further shows dreams and aspirations and gives power to the people through technology. For the purpose of this research paper, Samsung Company will be discussed. Korean War is the turning point for this small company. Product Attributes Samsung Galaxy S2 is a fast phone for a fast network.

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