Response to h j mccloskey

Therefore, the subject of what is essentially a first-order question cannot jump categories and answer the second-order question for itself.

By exercising his free will on earth, he therefore serves his purpose as God intended him to when he was creating everything in the universe, including man himself. Now brings the question of natural disasters and the so-called evil that they bring.

Many things we misunderstand — especially when those things are bad, negative or questionable. He uses many tactful approaches in disputing theism such as the arguments for God as a whole failing to establish a case for God.

Response to h j mccloskey

Although our morality base champions abortions, many people mourn miscarriages and stillborn births. Atheism is, in essence, a form of theism worship of the idol-god of creation primarily of self and not the Creatorand therefore, requires the same amount of, if not more, audacious faith.

He argues that no one knows the reason behind the problem of evil or even why God allows it but he claims that it is probably better if the situation stays as it is.

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Morality and ethics become nothing more than simple statements about favorite ice cream flavors. Philosophy of Religion: Thinking about faith.

Evans, in response interestingly makes an intelligent claim that even though evolution is a mechanical process, it ought to have a designer who is God and in achieving that goal, he ultimately realizes his purpose.

In this article he talks about why atheists believe that there is no God and why the existence of God fails to be the truth.

For each argument there are different approaches. Therefore, this particular argument does not prove to be a problem for the compatibility of God and the existence of evil after all. Timothy Keller, The Reason for God, How can something be evil if it does not have the ability to choose? However, without God, what constitutes this sense of morality? Feinberg, John. Were we even to take the minimalistic approach, are not there evidences of an intelligent Creator reflected through such human characteristics such as personality, morality and intelligence. So why can man choose evil if God is so good? Atlanta: IVP Academic, The analogical versions of the argument, as mentioned, try to confront this problem head-on.

Michigan: Zondervan, These effects are the best explanation that God exists.

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H.J. McCloskey's On Being an Atheist Essay