Reinsurance underwriting assistant duties

If you aspire to advance to an underwriter role, you likely need a bachelor's degree and a few years of proven experience in an assistant's position. Brokers Banks Vacancies are advertised by recruitment agencies and careers services and in local and national newspapers and specialist publications such as Business Week, Insurance Times and Insurance Post, plus their online equivalents.

In some cases, the insurer must cancel a policy. Travel Agent Click here to view all Insurance Underwriter jobs on neuvoo. Keeping records of existing clients. Underwriter Support Another key piece of the assistant's responsibilities involves supporting underwriters on special projects or in other ways.

Specialist medical knowledge or a scientific, technical or engineering degree may be necessary for some vacancies, particularly those within life assurance.

Before an Agent or a Broker can close a deal with a potential client, Insurance Underwriters usually have the last say on whether the policy will be processed or not. Deciding the length of coverage of a policy: Negotiating with clients, Insurance Agents, and Brokers; explaining risks; and Adjusting existing premiums to ensure that accounts remain profitable: Updating information on risks; evaluating if risks have increased or decreased; and accommodating premiums accordingly.

When an application is initially submitted, the assistant usually reviews it and contacts the agent or broker if anything is missing. Assistants typically respond to basic inquiries from brokers, agents and customers about policies, terms, application statuses and billing.

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He has been a college marketing professor since Other common names for this position: Account Underwriter, Assistant Underwriter, Bond Underwriter, Commercial UnderwriterGroup Underwriter, Insurance Analyst, Insurance Reviewer, Junior Insurance Underwriter, Liability Underwriter, Reinsurance Underwriter, Risk AnalystSenior UnderwriterUnderwriterUnderwriting Service Representative Description The role of an Underwriter inside an insurance company is to evaluate and examine insurance requests in order to determine and assess the risks that the company will be undertaking if an insurance agreement is issued.

You may also be able to undertake a financial services apprenticeship and enter as a junior underwriter.

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Underwriting Assistant