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However, it is expensive to install, operate and maintain, and has a high economic and environmental cost because it consumes significant amounts of electricity unless high efficiency equipment is used in a very high performance building envelope.

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It cools people by increasing evaporation and requires both breeze capture and fans for back-up in still conditions. Roof space Well-ventilated roof spaces and other non-habitable spaces play a critical role in passive cooling by providing a buffer zone between internal and external spaces in the most difficult area to shade, the roof.

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By performing early-stage thermal simulations, designers can predict the airflow, temperature distribution, and heat transfer in systems. Different members of a household have different thermal comfort thresholds. In a lightweight building in a warm temperate climate, the installation of fans in bedrooms and all living areas including kitchens and undercover outdoor areas significantly reduces cooling energy use.

Manual of tropical housing and building — Part 1 climatic design.

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This also cools the roof space and reduces any temperature differential across ceiling insulation. Shade all windows in summer and east and west windows year round. This is advantageous in these cyclone prone regions since cyclones and cool breezes commonly come from an onshore direction see Orientation. Design for moderate openings with the majority to the north. The main disadvantage of active thermal management is that it requires the use of electricity and therefore results in higher costs, compared to passive cooling. Cooler outside air replaces the rising warm air through carefully designed inlets placed near the floor. Typically, building zones in the upper levels are warmer than the lower zones due to stratification. Apply hybrid cooling principles where cooling is used. Examples of natural sinks are night sky, earth soil, and building mass. Source: Breezepower Whole of house fans should be positioned centrally, e.

Residential passive solar design. City of Thuringowa Planning Scheme policies: Climate responsive design of housing; Climate responsive design exemplars.

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Passive cooling