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It also allows you to take the typical NYC picture of the Empire State Building standing tall among the other skyscrapers of Central Manhattan, as in the header picture above.

Fortunately, the Moon travels past Neptune the night of August 16th, passing less than six degrees apart or about 12 Moon widths at their closest.

tallest building in new york

Neptune and Uranus are ice giant planets. Instead of waiting in line you will receive a time to come back when you purchase your tickets. These clues lead scientists to conclude that this unusual moon is likely a captured Kuiper Belt object.

The view from the top of the Statue of Liberty is not that great either, due to being quite a distance from Manhattan most of what you see is water. Additionally, the Empire State Building has a second observation platform on the nd floor that is enclosed and features large panoramic windows.

The following article was provided for reprinting by the Night Sky Network in August, Another advantage of Top of the Rock compared to the others is that it is much less crowded thanks to the timed entry system.

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