Maus chapter 1

Vladek shows himself to be hard-working and intelligent, striving to better himself by learning English, despite the hardship that forced to him leave school. They encounter her school director at the park. Note: Maus jumps back and forth often between the past and the present.

Art convinces Vladek to tell him his story so that he can write a book about his life, particularly in Poland and the war. He is rather irritable, constantly bickering and blaming others for faults that he clearly causes, like when he spills his pills and blames it on Artie.

Vladek travels to Sosnowiec to address the situation. In one panel, the family toasts the newlyweds with vodka. As of right now, it is rather evident that the effects of what happened during the war and the Holocaust have taken their toll on poor old Vladek.

Maus themes

Retrieved September 3, These past and present narratives represent the majority of the pages within Maus, and the pattern of "Present-Past-Present" is repeated in every chapter except for Chapter 2 of Book 2, which opens with a distinct third narrative the "meta-narrative" before returning to the past. A year later Vladek finds out that he is drafted by the Polish army because he is currently in the Polish reserves. When she sent him a photograph of herself — Artie imagines the picture in a sketch, with Anja posing in a fur coat and hat — he bought a nice frame for it. The past narrative is often briefly interrupted by small sections of present narrative. The fact that these stories appear in the book shows that Artie did not keep his promise to Vladek, though it cannot be known whether Artie included them secretly or convinced Vladek to change his mind. These memories remind Artie that Vladek is more than the violence he has experienced. He was happy to keep Lucia as a girlfriend while it was convenient for him, but he never valued her as a real human being. Art convinces Vladek to tell him his story so that he can write a book about his life, particularly in Poland and the war. Soon after, Lucia sees the photograph and gets upset. At various times in the story notably in Book II, Chapters 1 and 2 , Art tells us that this obsession existed even as a child. His relationship with Mala, his second wife, is clearly strained and loveless, and Vladek himself is somber and irritable. Jensen, Carlee. Artie wants to present human lives in all their complexity: to show the people whose lives were thrown into chaos by the Holocaust as real people, full of love and neuroticism and kindness and selfishness just like anyone else.

The narrator, Art Spiegelmanat this point a small boy, is on roller skates, racing with his friends to the schoolyard. Vladek breaks off their relationship. After the engagement, but before Vladek has moved to Sosnowiec, Lucia comes to his apartment and begs Vladek to take her back.

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As a young man in Czestochowa, Poland, Vladek was a handsome at least according to himself young man on the up in the textiles business. Vladek is reluctant at first but then dives in the story saying that in his youth he was a very attractive man and that girls chased him all the time.

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Maus: A Survivor's Tale Book I, Chapter 1 Summary