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Then you apply this ratio to the division of your sales team. After the decisions are submitted, the players wait for the results of the next period. So see it as a chance to learn a lot for real-life later!

If you help students learn from their mistakes now, they are far less likely to make a mistake when the costs are real. You can download it from here, just enter your name and email below. B2C-Consumer Goods This version features vocabulary and industry settings that are adapted to fast moving consumer goods markets.

CentrX B2B[ edit ] CentrXB2B is a management development simulation that was launched in with the purpose of helping B2B firms embed a customer-centric approach to leadership, commercial strategy and marketing excellence.

Best Markstrat Tips — 3: Choose the most profitable segments With my website, I want to enhance your learning experience by giving you some aid in which direction to think, etc. Adjust this number by the expected market growth to have a basis to decide upon. So if you plan to produce units, but can only sell 90 in the end, then Markstrat will adjust your production to

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