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Fed should continuously invest capital in Asia, whilst penetrating into foreign markets by partnering with local carriers.

However, being a closed economy which was managed by centralized model for long time, the reform of government economic management does not catch up the change of the economy while the ability of management at lower level is still weak.

It has exhibited an exceptional track record of international expansion and good financial restraints during times of easy credit, proving it can operate successfully even in a tough economic climate. Lastly, by forging strategic alliances with oil and gas suppliers, they could bargain for discounts, whilst curtailing the negative effects associated with volatile oil supplies.

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In recent year, there is a new group of customers which are forwarders. Does the design of the CarsDirect website convey confidence and trust in the car buying process?

However the country has very good growth, However the fuel itself in Vietnam is government controlled commodity so it reduces the threat from these suppliers The second important supplier for FedEx is Telecom Company. Exercise 1. In present more and more companies are adopting this practice of doing business and similar is the situation with FedEx that is also making use of electronic sources and internet for communicating with its client and doing business. The organizing and leading function of management are also affected with this practice of e-business as now company can track performance of its employees and operations through web rather indulging in more formal procedures. E-Business and its Impact on FedEx's four Functions of Management E-business is a term that can be used to delineate businesses run on the Internet, or employing Internet technologies to ameliorate the productivity or profitability of a business. They include: — Airline companies: Some small Asia airlines companies provide express service for packages sending to given destinations that are in their network. These include overnight courier services Express , ground delivery services Ground and office services Office , along with smaller divisions dedicated to customs paperwork and other logistics services. FedEx is a logistics company with a number of different divisions. Fuel suppliers for airlines are required to have access to airports where security level is very high. Due to the high number of vehicle manufactures FedEx has a strong bargaining power towards their supplier because the company does not depend on one single manufacturer. Potential Entrants - Threat of new entrants New entrants may enter an industry if there are no significant barriers to enter. Suppliers - Bargaining power of suppliers The suppliers can increase the prices for goods or services if there are no substitutes for the supplies they offer or if there are only a few suppliers.

Walk in customers or private customers take very small share due to high shipping cost. TNT is the only international air express company to provide both services in Vietnam.

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This resulted in inflexible pricing Longer transit time from and to Vietnam: UPS has a longer transit time for both inbound and outbound in compare to its competitors Beside these 3 big express companies.

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