List of the instruments of mindanao

It is common among Tirurays of Cotabato. The cylindrical drum is struck with either the hands or two short wooden sticks.

native musical instruments

The bamboo is split and tied back in both ends, leaving a slit as resonator. Material: bamboo fluteplastic wrapping around the chip Ethnolinguistic Group: Pinatubo Ayta source:wikipedia. The instruments is popular in Sulu. On the right hand, the player hold a mallet padded with rubber.

Gabbang - is similar to a xylophone. The large gong is struck with a special beater. It has a stick to support in its lower end and is played in the same position as cello. By strongly breathing in or out the volume can be changed as well.

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grade 7 Music: The Musical Instruments of Mindanao