Islamization in europe

conversion to islam in europe

Young Muslims in Europe no longer limit themselves to living under the laws of the land. Yet Britain and Europe continue to insist that the Iranian Supreme Leader, who is consumed by a genocidal obsession to wipe out the Jewish people, is someone they can do business with.

Cyprus currently has the highest share of Muslims in the EU Add the terror and pervasive fear to the cultural and demographic transformation currently underway. Some analysts claim that in the very near future, France will become the first Islamic country in Western Europe, from which Islam will begin its triumphal march through the rest of the continent.

Bypractically all that remained of Muslim Spain was the southern province of Granada. And no: They are not dentists, lawyers and nuclear scientists, but mostly under-qualified immigrants, who have arrived in the promised land…where the standard of living without employment is higher than in many countries of origin with employment.

islam in europe

As far as the British colonies were concerned, in India for example, after the uprisings that almost toppled British rule on the subcontinent, the British consciously left religion alone.

Among them there is the conviction that the womb of a Muslim woman has become the most effective means of Islamizing Europe and the whole world.

europe demographics

The same picture was observed in the UK, where the London attacks of July 7, were also carried out by young Muslims — full-fledged British citizens. Some countries, particularly Germany, received a large number of regular migrants from within the EU.

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Muslim Population Growth in Europe