How humor heals

Today we have a better understanding of how laughter affects human physiology.

Laughter therapy

To add simulated laughter into your own life, search for laugh yoga or laugh therapy groups. This bond acts as a strong buffer against stress, disagreements, and disappointment. In your life? Good mental health Like yawning, laughing is contagious. Forgetting how to live, they permit the harsh watch of the head nurse. Humor also helps to facilitate socialization. That irate customer on the phone will have no idea that you are keeping your cool by playing with a Slinky.

Bring humor into conversations. Says Dave Traynor, M. When things are looking particularly grim, refer to your file.

How humor heals

This is because laughing strengthens the abdominal muscles by working out the diaphragm, respiratory, facial, leg, and back muscles. Soon after Patch enrolls in a Virginia medical school where he encounters numerous problems with his view on healing people versus the college 's professional outlook.

Humor and playful communication strengthen our relationships by triggering positive feelings and fostering emotional connection.

how humor heals essay

Deeply felt emotions are allowed to rise to the surface.

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How Humor Heals: An Anatomical Perspective