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Armstrong of Murray State University. Moreover, the average age of hip hop listeners is the lowest of all major music genres in the United States. Women however, feel that they need to fit the image of becoming a video vixen.

Womens role in hip hop culture

The media, like the family, serve as an agent of socialization. Collins argues that the domination always attempts to objectify the subordinate group in which the ideas and one's own reality is not defined by members of the subordinate group , p. He sees himself as coming from the streets. We will have to see what the reasons for this contradictory behavior are. MTC Records. As the rap industry expanded, many have argued that the image and state of rap worsened as rap became a keen marketing tool for corporations. Misogynistic orientations of Black women were not separate from the historical changes in the United States - "the imagery projected in rap has its roots in the development of the capitalistic patriarchal system based on the principles of White supremacy, elitism, racism, and sexism" Adams and Fuller, , p. Attributes of the bad bitch phenomenon are not exclusive to Generation Y but can be traced back to sassy images and roles Black women coveted. I am aiming to describe how sexism in music is an epidemic in our country today. One important difference is the rise in self-exploitation by Black women in the industry to attain money, power, and respect that is indicative of the transferring of a Eurocentric-based ideological hegemony onto an oppressed subcultural group. The same arrangements, with white people at the top, uplifted an entire American generation on sex and violence in other types of music. Weitzer is a sociology and criminology professor at George Washington University and has also written many books on police brutality and the sex trade industry. The majority of these portray women in a sexualised way or being dominated my male figures. Nicki Minaj has continuously utilized masculine rhetoric in her lyrics as an act of empowerment which implies that, just like men, women could also be violent-so don't mess with me or else. Rap music has been used as a stage for both men and women from disadvantaged neighborhoods to express their experiences with oppression and also serve as a means for coping with that oppression.

The Jamaican influence on hip-hop can be located in deejaying practices referred to as dub-mixing, utilized first by Jamaican immigrant Deejay Kool Herc. The culture itself has developed an image that these actions are okay. During slavery - a form of capitalism - Black women were not only exploited for their labor power but also their reproductive power.

Hip hop sexism

Rappers have thus been forced to abandon the stated goal of their humble beginning to conform to the marketable aspects of their crafts. That is supposedly all they care about: money and how they look, that they look good. Black Agenda Report. Moreover, the average age of hip hop listeners is the lowest of all major music genres in the United States. There are many questions that have to be asked. Rap music during the s remained national commodity until the s. It becomes self-evident that she is not on the same level as her competitors and refers to them in an unattractive manner as, "nappy headed hoes. Solomon Comissong explained that the s saw a corporate takeover and commodification of rap, which has made the music less diversified in various media forms

Your time is important. The derogatory lyrics, the soft-porn visuals.

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Above, the word "bitch" is metaphorically used to address her competitors in a disrespectful manner traditionally used by male rappers to address women. The rap industry has served as a new locus for this type of Black female to dominate in. Following the lyrical trend and imagery of female rappers in the industry, it is strikingly evident that the sexploitation of women has become more lucrative, thus legitimizing the bad bitch phenomenon. It becomes self-evident that she is not on the same level as her competitors and refers to them in an unattractive manner as, "nappy headed hoes. Female Masculinity The use of masculine rhetoric has been used by rap artists since the days of "battling", or battle rap, to gain popularity and to command respect from their fellow artists. These stereotypes have created images of Saphires, Jezebels, and the Mammy, which further pushed Black women's intelligence onto the periphery while mass media has largely capitalized on body and cultural images. In making this connection, it is imperative to recognize how forms of media serve as tools of oppression by reproducing ideological hegemony. Pink Friday The mentioning of women in rap music by men has been a largely demoralizing phenomenon, at which women are referred to as "gold-diggers," trifling, bitches, and hos. It has developed from African rhymes and chants used to tell stories to gangsta rap to old-school to trap in just a few short decades. There is an indisputable truth that media has the ability to effect the masses. This objectification may prevent women from breastfeeding. The placement of Black women as 'objects' and 'tools' for production has been and will always be embedded into American culture.

Although the word historically has been a long-noted negative stereotype against women, it has only added to many stereotypical orientations for women of color. Female independence could also be seen as a woman objectifying her own body and image to gain financial independence.

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It seems as if he would be satisfied, even if he would have to make expensive presents to the woman, if he only got sex, if it was a give and take agreement.

Gwendolyn Pough states: By exploiting Black women's bodies, the blaxploitation movies fall short of offering fulfilling and complete images of empowerment for Black women.

Although, hip-hop has swayed different generations over the years, its influence has not always been positive.

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The Degradation of Women in Hip