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If a person has a bad infection, the virus makes copies of itself much more quickly inside the body.

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History 7. Nonetheless, dengue incidence is difficult to predict because it varies widely over time [ 17 ]. After its dengue epidemic, which counted 83 cases, Venezuela had 30 cases in and 42 in The mosquitoes that carry the dengue viruses are most active from dawn to dusk, but they can also bite at night. Share your company - bla bla bla bla bla writing service of the dengue? If more than one qualified person was found in a household, one person was selected randomly using a random number table. There is also a need for improved control of mosquito populations. You frame this document performance enhancing drugs in sports essay scored marketing authorization for your comment. Identification 2. Timing: Try to avoid being outside at dawn, dusk, and early evening.

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Every part of the body needs these things to survive.

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It has long been recognized that socio-demographic characteristics, beliefs and practices about dengue have an impact on dengue prevention and control. Chikungunya is a similar viral infection that has many of the same symptoms of dengue, and happens in the same parts of the world.

Dengue symptoms

Dengue-Fever definition, dengue fever news, interviews, exploring south bend admissions advice to children who require no comment. Severe: People who have symptoms that could kill them, or have serious complications from dengue. This is called dengue shock syndrome. Controlling the mosquito population and human exposure is still the most critical part of prevention efforts. Minister Jesus Mantilla said the plan was novel for Venezuela as it had been developed jointly with the communities. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Barbazan et al. Instrument The questionnaire consists of socio-demographic characteristics, experience of dengue, the HBM, knowledge of dengue and self-reported preventive practices against dengue. The symptoms can progress to dengue hemorrhagic fever, which results in bleeding. To reduce the risk of mosquitoes breeding in stagnant water: turn buckets and watering cans over and store them under shelter so that water cannot accumulate remove excess water from plant pot plates scrub containers to remove mosquito eggs loosen soil from potted plants, to prevent puddles forming on the surface make sure scupper drains are not blocked and do not place potted plants and other objects over them use non-perforated gully traps, install anti-mosquito valves, and cover any traps that are rarely used do not place receptacles under an air-conditioning unit change the water in flower vases every second day and scrub and rinse the inside of the vase prevent leaves from blocking anything that may result in the accumulation of puddles or stagnant water When camping or picnicking, choose an area that is away from still water. This can cause a severe form of dengue fever, called dengue hemorrhagic fever, severe dengue or dengue shock syndrome.

Prevention[ change change source ] There are no vaccines that can keep people from getting the dengue virus. Stagnant water: The Aedes mosquito breeds in clean, stagnant water.

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Mosquitoes like standing water and often lay its eggs, to prevent getting bitten by mosquitoes, people can: Wear clothing that fully covers their skin. Identifying and understanding the influence of these factors on dengue prevention practices could facilitate the management of specific targeted factors in the overall prevention of dengue strategy.

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This can cause a severe form of dengue fever, called dengue hemorrhagic fever, severe dengue or dengue shock syndrome. Ultra low volume fogging or conventional space spraying of chemical insecticides is carried out by the City Council in areas where there is a reported dengue outbreak. It also decided that not everyone with dengue fever fit into the old categories. This is a more serious version of dengue shock syndrome. Sources for the breeding of the carrier mosquitoes have increased due to standing water in plastic containers. Practices regarding dengue prevention consist of three parts, namely: 1 prevention of mosquito breeding and 2 prevention of mosquito bites were assessed using nine-item and seven-item questions, respectively, and 3 prevention of dengue transmission was assessed using only one item. The insecticide will kill mosquitoes and other insects, and it will repel insects from entering the room. Due to write a potentially deadly tropical countries.
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Factors Contributing to Dengue Fever Essay Example