Essay on the importance of holidays

Some people use holidays in a way that combines pleasure with knowledge. You may like to spend part of your holidays in planned inactivity.

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Besides that people enjoy playing games, joining health clubs, reading stories, learning new languages and skills going out for dinner with friends and families, watching movies and documentaries. This tour would include visits to ancient monuments of Greece and Italy, art galleries of France, boating in Austria and long walks in the gardens of Holland.

Therefore we cannot easily ignore importance of holiday, which has all the three ingredients. If somebody is interested in collecting coins or stamps, he will have enough time to do this sort of activity in a very relaxed manner. Stress leads to lifestyle diseases like diabetes, high cholesterol levels and sometimes even cancer.

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It may affect our health, since holidays are good for our health too. In the past the importance of travelling primarily existed for things like foreign exchange. And spent a long time on cutting tree because his saw was not sharp. We are barely left with time for ourselves thanks to the 10 to 12 hours that are spent at the office desk.

For such people, holidays provide excellent opportunity to visit close friends and relatives. Many dances and folk songs have evolved around such festivities.

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5 Importance of Holidays In Our Life:Great Essay