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Then there are diseases such as cold and fever, both results in the formation of a cough. And due to poor drainage facilities in most parts of the country, roads get filled with dirty drain water. It cleans our surroundings. This season is a great friend of the farmers and aquatic animals. At this time the dark clouds cover the sky. They are happy in the hope of having good crops. A drop of rain falls upon my head. So, sometimes life can be difficult for people who do not have the capacity or the resources to sustain in the rainy season. Sometimes it rains and sometimes it does not, sometimes the clouds hover in the sky even in the morning and at night. The rain also fills the tanks, wells and rivers with water. The farmers come out in open fields for cultivation. The fields also become dry, and there are no food crops. The life between the hot sky and the hot land becomes miserable and human beings, beasts and birds, all begin to long for the rains.

Then there are constant disconnections of current in the houses due to faults in the wiring that only arises when there is a heavy rainfall. It brings relief to men, animals, birds, plants, and trees.

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And then there are constant traffic jams which sometimes also result in the occurrence of ugly accidents as tires tend to become a bit more slippery than usual due to wet roads. Rainfall in a certain limit feels very good, but when it happens for a long period, it is never the ideal scenario. Image Source: cdn. Fields become lush green. Children in India start shifting to football from cricket as soon as rain arrives. Sometimes with rains there are storms, lightning and thunder too. This weather is helpful to agriculture. The water level in the well sinks thus increasing scarcity of water everywhere. It so happens sometimes that it rains continually for days together. Fields are flooded with water rainfalls in heavy showers in Calcutta, many streets are flooded. We have written simple essays on Rainy Season.

It is, indeed, a beautiful sight to see. In drizzling, singing songs have their own pleasure. It starts around the mid of June and ends by the August in North India, whereas in South India, a little more rain happens.

During this season the sky is overcast and masses of clouds move about. The rainy season is a mixed blessing.

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