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Early in his career, Wilson conducted work on the classification and ecology of ants in New Guinea and other Pacific islands, and in the American tropics. We felt it could not explain how complex societies arose.

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How did you feel about being characterized as this arch reactionary? Sociobiology re-ignited the nature and nurture debate. In , he was one of the signers of the Humanist Manifesto. In kin selection, an individual might sacrifice their possessions, or even their lives, for the benefit of the relative with whom they shared the most genes. And it could be written as a story. Wilson—his first name comes and goes from bylines, but the middle initial is ever-present—has over several decades been at the center of scientific controversies that spilled out of the journals and into wider public awareness. In , Wilson made waves with Sociobiology: The New Synthesis , a volume in which he took all he knew about insect behavior and applied it to vertebrates—humans among them. I thought it time to incorporate their newer research into a more general theory, linking that to what I and others had developed for invertebrates. Ken Richardson for Quanta Magazine When you wrote that final chapter, did you realize you were stepping on a landmine? When I was 13 years old, during the first year of the Second World War, there was a shortage of newspaper delivery boys in my hometown of Mobile, Alabama. I have the same enthusiasm, and I get out of bed in the morning with the same ease or difficulty I always had. Video: Edward O.

Darwin himself had introduced the idea with impeccable logic. InWilson led scientific expeditions to the wild preserve of Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique and the archipelagoes of Vanuatu and New Caledonia in the southwest Pacific.

Wilson, in person, you are remarkably genial and polite. Many of them are still unknown to science, and science has not yet discovered the key role undoubtedly played in the maintenance of that ecosystemas in the case of fungimicroorganismsand many of the insects.

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That was the only thing I could do. Here, he explains the relevance of evolved insect behaviors to human nature. When I gave a talk at the Harvard Science Center on the subject, a mob gathered outside the front of the building. In fact, they liked it so much, they made it a cover story. Wilson used the term " consilience " to describe the synthesis of knowledge from different specialized fields of human endeavor. Yes and no. To more fully cover the subject of culture and answer scientific as opposed to political criticism, Wilson published the widely acclaimed On Human Nature in I was the only scientist in modern times to be physically attacked for an idea. I suggested that a lot of human social behavior could be explained by a natural selection of certain activities and steps, leading to ever more complex group selection. The controversy muted only after Wilson won a Pulitzer Prize for nonfiction in for On Human Nature , his popularized version of Sociobiology.

They had written articles and books and given seminars on it. Wilson used the term " consilience " to describe the synthesis of knowledge from different specialized fields of human endeavor. And I am.

Because all plants and microorganisms, as well as the vast majority of animals, communicate primarily or entirely by chemical signals, the importance of this work has been immense.

Dr edward 0 wilson
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At 90, E. O. Wilson Still Thrives on Being a Scientific Provocateur