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In a flashback sequence we see Tyler going to Marla's apartment and retrieving her before bringing her back to the house.

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Jack has in mind Tuinal and Seconal, both of which share very similar properties to Xanax, being anxiolytics and hypnotic drugs. He finds Marla's number amongst the ashes and calls her but hangs up without saying anything.

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Fight Club : Anarchy vs Order These cameos are the early signs of schizophrenia of the narrator. Wager, Fight Club exhibits several film noir characteristics. Sometimes, for variety, they beat up themselves. However if you consider that Marla is Tyler and Jack, then Jack is fucking himself, and will ultimately destroy himself — essentially an abortion of himself. It is important to remember that the book has virtually nothing to do with the film. Drew Related Papers. Jack then goes to the police station and tells Detective Stern that he believes the plan hatched by Project Mayhem is to blow up the headquarters of several major credit card companies, thereby erasing the debt record. Fincher did not accidentally create this sequence, it was very carefully planned. Fight Club begins with a bravura opening shot almost impossible to conceive before Stern tells him to let him know if Jack is planning on leaving town. The film cuts to the security cameras in the parking garage which Jack never saw, just like he never saw the scene where Tyler saves Marla and we can see that Tyler is not visible, since he does not exist. Infectious Human Waste Everyone remembers how Tyler Durden makes his soap — stolen fat from the liposuction clinic. Edward Norton plays a technician to call the factory for a major brand of car. Tyler tells him he's one step closer to hitting rock bottom.

Such rebels view the rebellion as a mode of escaping from the oppressive economic system and feminization in order to become independent. This is telling us that now there are 4 main people that Jack is essentially operating as, including himself in addition to Bob, Marla, Tyler.

Tyler confesses that he is the one who blew up Jack's apartment.

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It is a cult. She's tracked him down, asking why he hasn't been going to meetings. Likewise the astonishing visuals of the film, which realize the darkest imaginings of the novel. Tyler tells him he's one step closer to hitting rock bottom. Or is the disaster Fight Club itself, from which the movie delivers us, bruised but wiser? He tells them his name was Robert Paulson. He screams out in pain. Jack launches into a voice-over recounting Tyler's life. Dassanowsky writes, "[It] is not only possible and marketable in the real world, but the very concept of this postmodern self-improvement elitism derives from the most horrific inhumanity in human history. She calls him Tyler. The process surpasses in potency Soylent Green 's premise of processing people into food. Jack hangs up to find that Tyler has disappeared but that Marla has come downstairs. Nothing in the house really works. What might this represent? This drove him to seek medical treatment.

In my opinion, he has no useful truths. In the film, the counter to the feminized male is a model of male that is "an identity-less, violent and destructively nihilistic cadre that intends to discipline a world gone too tolerant".

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