An analysis of a poem the darkling trush by thomas hardy

Give a critical appreciation of the poem the darkling thrush

You'd think that our speaker would want to buy a one-way ticket to Aruba, right? Birds don't talk, folks. The tangled bine-stems scored the sky Like strings of broken lyres, And all mankind that haunted nigh Had sought their household fires Climbing plants, dead for winter, have left behind only their climbing stems or bine stems. In fact, that's exactly the question that our speaker asks himself. Here it becomes even more meaningful, as the end of the year in this case also marks the end of the century. So Hardy was one among many agnostics at the end of the 19th century who were in favour of separating religion from morality[5]. Though the title of the poem suggested that it was all about a thrush, it took two and a half stanzas to get to the first mention of the bird. A writer like Hardy could no longer take solace from Christianity, or have unequivocal confidence in the future of the world. Williams 44 and From to , for example, Britain fought in the Boer War. The musing tone, use of natural imagery to create and represent human moods and feelings and the simple rhyme scheme are unobtrusive and powerful.

The main point is that the dying thrush is still able to sing a happy song and has the power to uplift the mood of the listeners. This alienation from religion often led to desperation and pessimism, too. Instead of an academic career, he was an apprentice to a local architect who was rather lax and left Hardy much space to read and cogitate about philosophical and religious issues.

Three years before his birth, Queen Victoria had come to power. This play of light and shade called chiaroscuro effect is treated equally in the poem.

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He can't figure out why in the world anything — let alone a bird — would waste its last breath in a song that no one will hear. The Darkling Thrush is thus finely balanced.

You'd think that our speaker would want to buy a one-way ticket to Aruba, right? When residing in London, he always had the feeling that his freedom was restricted.

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As his poem is written on the cusp of the New Year, we can find the reflection on the past events and his feelings about the future. He's content to know that something out there sees a reason to exist and to be joyful — even if he can't comprehend the reasons himself.

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Analysis of The Darkling Thrush by Thomas Hardy