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These qualified teachers include those who had studied librarianship as a minor subject, those with B. Magara, E and Batambuze, C.

impact of school library on student achievement

All schools significant; 14 - significant, 3 -not confinncd that BIS was on the timetable, but significant and 1 - not significant at all. Purposive was used for this purpose. Namibia: Report on regional visits In the dark.

Districts and schools that have cut their library services need to reexamine this practice and take a position on library equity and access for all students. The majority of schools reported that they received their materials from Education Library Services 30followed by purchases from school funds 9and through solicited donations 9.

PA School Library Project. How school librarians leave no child behind: The impact of school library media programs on academic achievement of U.

Other descriptions were classrooms with books on the shelves and media centre. In most cases where school libraries had computers, the computers were for the librarians' use only. For example, trained librarians can research proposed school initiatives, find resources for English learners and other students with special needs, and equip teachers with new technologies and web tools.

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Why school librarians matter: What years of research tell us